Wimbledon Zen Meditation Group

Enzo Zen Water

We do this because we enjoy practising Zazen (seated zen meditation) and feel that it improves the quality of our lives. We don’t have dharma transmission, ‘inka’ or ‘shiho’ and we definitely aren’t Zen Masters (whatever that actually means).

We are particularly influenced by the writings of many of the modern Soto Zen teachers, especially Brad Warner (‘Hardcore Zen’ and ‘Sit Down and Shut Up’), Steve Hagen (‘Buddhism is Not What You Think’) and Shohaku Okumura (‘Realising Genjokoan’). Through them we are also connected to and influenced by their teachers Gudo Nishijima, Dainin Katagiri and Kosho Uchiyama. And like all Soto Zen people, we are obviously heavily influenced by the writings of Dogen Zenji.

In September 2015, we arranged for Brad Warner to come to London during his European Tour. Brad gave a very well received and enjoyable workshop for over 40 people on the basics of Zen meditation and we hope to host him again in the near future.

Brad Warner teaching at The Shala

September 2015 - Brad Warner teaching at The Shala, West Norwood, at the event we arranged.

Brad Warner teaching at The Shala